Lots of ideas.

Since my team is about promoting bicycle advocacy and bringing the community together through cycling, we needed to come up with an idea that could do both. My team manager, Dorothy Wong, suggested that we sell our team jersey’s in all of our local bike shops and a part of the proceeds could be donated to a bicycle advocacy group or club that could benefit from it. My local bike shop that supports me is Metal Mtn Bike Shop, but I couldn’t find an advocacy group in my area.  So…  I was on my ride today and as I was riding up through downtown I heard a whole bunch of little girls gigglng and having fun. So I looked over and saw that it was the Girl’s Club. And I thought, what a great idea! I could volunteer and maybe with the donated money, be able to buy bikes for the club so that they could go on rides around town and get the kids more active. Possibly by doing that I could get more kids into cycling at an earlier age and grow the sport. Share the love and passion. :) These are just my random thoughts but hopefully it will go somewhere.


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