Gila Monster

I made it alive! Haha… We got in yesterday around four o’clock and rode the crit course. The drive was killer and when I wasn’t driving I was reading this awesome book called Physics of the Impossible. We signed up for host housing and the house we’re staying at is absolutely beautiful. I prerode the TT course today and in my opinion, it’s hard. My mom is a massage therapist so she gave me one and my body feels like jello.. My brother, Morgan, starts racing the 2’s tmrw. He’s on Ouch Bahati and he’s going to kick some butt!! My sister, Kendall, is over in Europe racing for the USA National Elite Womens Team and got 9th in her first UCI race! I’m doing the 3/4 women here at the Gila and start racing on Thursday. My title refers to a coversation we had with our hosts, Linda and Tom Bosworth. We asked them if they have ever actually seen a Gila Monster and they said no. I was lucky enough to see one myself. In a picture. :D


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