Stage 1-The Inner Loop Road Race

Wow……. Today was probably the hardest race I’ve ever been in. And definitely the windiest. 70 mph winds, that’s strong enough to be a type 1 hurricane. I felt like I got hit by a bus. But I’m okay because my mom gave me a massage. :) So the race started on a downhill, totally awesome.. Haha. The first climb was gradual and kicked up at the top. That’s where the tempo sped up and half of the field was dropped. I managed to hang on to the back and then passed everybody on the technical decent. The next 30 miles was flat to rolling and I slowly slipped back to mid-pack. The entire field was splintered and I rode with a group of four for the rest of the race. I don’t know where I ended up because the results haven’t been posted yet but hopefully I do good.

P.S. Sorry this didn’t get posted yesterday, the computer didn’t like me.


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