End of the Gila→State ITT Championships

I apologize for being lazy and not updating anything for the past couple weeks. So I guess I’ll just start where I left off. The 3rd stage was the criterium and at the beginning of the race I went for a $40 prime and got it and then fiished with a 4th place. The 4th and final stage was the Gila Monster loop and the pack stayed together till the second to last climb. I finished in 10th place with a group of girls and it was snowing..  Yesterday was the state time trial championships at Lake Los Angeles and I won. :D I felt great and rode great. I guess the Gila put a lot of gas in my tank.


One thought on “End of the Gila→State ITT Championships

  1. I knew when I saw you come ahead of Tara (who started before you) at the end of turn the 4th side of thed TT you had it in the bag! Good job!

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