Thelma(Alexis Ryan) and Louise’s(Dorothy Wong) Road Trip: Day 1

Date of Occurrence: 7/11/10

We got up super early, as in 6 o’clock. Ate some food. Jammed the rest of our luggage into our rented Toyota Rav4 and hit the road. Our first stop was Big Bear, California for a Rim Nordic Mountain Bike race. We got absolutely no warm up and they started all the Pro’s and Cat 1’s together. The course was pretty technical and there were no places to rest. I ended up getting 4th out of all the women and first in my category. After the race our friend from cyclocross, Gary, asked if we could take his bike up to mountain bike nationals since we were driving and he was going to fly. We, of course, said yes and so he gave us 80 bucks for gas money. Our car was so packed we got 25 mpg instead of 30 mpg. Dot had booked us a place to stay in Big Bear that night at a resort and when we got there I was on my best, smiling behavior so they upgraded our room! HA. It was right next to downtown so we walked to dinner, came back to our room to watch the 8th stage of my all time favorite race, the Tour de France, and then went to sleep.


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