Day 2

Date of Occurrence: 7/12/10

The alarm went off at 7 am. Neither of us wanted to get up, it felt like we had only slept 3 hours. I needed to do a recovery ride before the driving started, so we decided that riding around Big Bear Lake would be sufficient. We left the room around 9 am and road around the lake with a couple stops to take pictures with the scenery. At the end we stopped at the this restaurant called the Grizzly Manor Cafe and it’s known for pancakes that don’t even fit on their plates. I can’t even begin to describe their wonderfulness.

And as I sat there enjoying my wonderful pancake we wrote our code names, Thelma and Louise, on a dollar bill so that we could staple it to their curtains where other people had so often done. We got back to our room and I packed up the car while Dot surfed the internet, as usual. ;) After I checked out we were still lounging around in the room and all the sudden I had this urge to get the heck out of that room and I rushed Dot out the patio, just in time to hear someone coming in through the front door. I thought it was coincidence until Dot told me I had animal instinct… :D hehe. We stopped in Vegas on the way, of course, and by 9 o’clock that night we had hit Cedar City, Utah where we checked into a sorta crappy hotel and ate Wendy’s for dinner. Day 2 done, 9 more to go.


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