Cool Kids

Cycling has this way of taking over your life but when you give yourself over to something you love you always get something in return. Since I started I’ve had the opportunity to meet people who mean A LOT to me and who will stay in my life forever.

Example 1: Addy Albershardt (soul sister, best friend, and all-around cool kid). We met in Bend, Oregon at road nationals this summer and it was instant connection. We have everything in common except that our parents decided to live on opposite sides of the country :( I love her and miss her like no other. And silly us, we never actually took a photo together because we were having too much fun, but we were on the podium together. hehe.. Oh, and she left her green headband in my sisters car so now its our friendship headband. :)

Example 2: Dorothy Wong (teamĀ manager, soul sister, best friend, surfing buddy, and all-around cool kid). We met, I don’t know how many years ago but at a cyclocross race. I would follow her around and ask her if she needed any help. I don’t do exactly that anymore but I help out when I can :) We’ve surfed together, raced together, driven 2,000 miles together, been in a river when a thunder/lightening storm hit together, and tons more that I can’t think of right now. You get the picture, we’re tight.

Example 3: Leila Carrillo (friend, teammate, and all-around cool kid). Met this girl at my first and only high school mountain bike race. The first words out of her mouth, “Dude, you are such a BEAST!” I will never forget that. So she’s basically a pretty AWESOME person and now she’s my teammate! Life couldn’t get better :) The only photo we have together is the one where I blinked, I always blink in photos. Its a bad habit.

Example 4: Dave Towle (worlds best announcer, best friend, and all-around cool kid). I don’t even know where I met this guy but he’s awesome. Everyone should be jealous of THE Dave Towle’s pro announcing skills. I don’t know how he does it but he knows everything about everybody so when they come across the line they always get their little moment to shine like a star. Dave can make anyone look cool, just talk to him and you’re set for life. My favorite line of his, “Stay golden.”

There are tons more people I could write about but then this would be the worlds longest blog. So I just want to say one thing…… People who ride bikes or are related to bikes in any way are COOL KIDS. :D


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