Team TIBCO Training Camp

Amazing people. Amazing rides. Amazing experiences. Amazing everything.

I met 12 out of the 14 pros, each one with a hilarious personality that matched her riding style. We stayed in a gorgeous beach house, off a private road, in Carpinteria, CA. Everyday we went on a 3-4 hour ride, soaking up the admiring stares from the recs. The first day, Saturday, it rained/hailed/snowed during the last 20 minutes of our ride. The rest of the week was cold enough to force us into our arm warmers, but not cold enough to dampen our spirits. Several of the team’s sponsors came to talk to us about the products they were supplying us with: Specialized BG Fit, 2XU Compression, Kurt Kinetic Trainers, and Strava. My favorite phrase that I learned courtesy of Pam Sayler , “Thermodynamically neutral liquid medical grade silicon.” (No, I’m not talking about what you’re thinking about.) Try saying this REALLY fast… Anyways, every junior was assigned a pro mentor. Guess who my mentor is?……………………… Alison Powers! She’s a beast on a bike, super funny, and really nice. I’m totally stoked! What’s even better is that we will be racing together at the Redlands Bicycle Classic :D

I had a really great time and I can’t wait to do it again. Special thanks to the management for inviting me to ride with the pros and to the pros for allowing me to ride with them…haha.

Remember, ride hard!


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