Ankunft in Deutschland

Hallo! This is the coolest place I have ever been too! I left on Tuesday morning at 9am with my traveling buddy Casey Williams. We made a connecting flight in Washington Dulles where we met 3 other guys, 4 girls, and the mechanic. The flight across the Atlantic was a LONG 7.5 hours. I read part of The Lovely Bones (slightly creepy novel), watched the Green Hornet and Hawaii Five-O and slept about 30 minutes. For the life of me I can’t seem to get comfortable in an Economy airplane seat. I wonder why.. It was gorgeous looking down on the coast of England from 30,000 feet in the air. We arrived earlier today around 9am and waited to group up with two more people. The boys and luggage went in a cargo van and us girls got our very own, leathered-interior, VW van. One thing I have definitely noticed about Germany is everyone drives REALLY FAST and yet they can maneuver a car like no other. An hour out from our final destination, a little town called Oberried, we made a pee stop and couldn’t get the cargo van to start up again. The mechanics fumbled around with it for about half an hour until Heidi Kloser suggested all the riders push the van so we could pop the clutch and get it started. Of course, it worked. She’s a genius and saved the day. After two days of traveling we finally made it to the house, put our bikes together, went for a toodle around Freiburg, ate dinner, and now I’m here writing to you. Another thing I’ve noticed about Germany is their food is SIMPLY AMAZING. Everything I eat here tastes 20 times better than what I could get in the United States. The landscape is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to ride the trails tomorrow! The internet is finicky here, so I can’t Skype  and I may or may not post a blog of my travels everyday. The World Cup in Offenburg, Germany is on Saturday. Can’t wait!!!

P.S. I will try and post photos to my Facebook page.


One thought on “Ankunft in Deutschland

  1. Welcome to my home country (GERMANY) where KOOL ‘N FIT was developed by my family over a century ago. I am pleased that you like it so far. Yes, it is a beautiful place. Enjoy it. Drink some good beer and wine (legal at age 16!) and experience some great food. Instead of the “nationwide foods” like Bratwurst, Schnitzel etc go for local specialties which vary from region to region. Just ask the locals what they eat or prefer and you will not go wrong. If you have any questions or need some help, let me know. Also, I hope you have some KOOL ‘N FIT with you for better performance and faster recovery.

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