Tag Zwei in Deutschland

Day two of my trip across the pond was definitely exciting, but not very eventful. We woke up at 9am to a delicious breakfast of yogurt, granola, big pretzels from the bakery, and German rice cakes. After breakfast we donned our USA kits,  cruised over to the boys house so we could tune our bikes, and then left for our ride. The beginning road climb took an hour and a half, but we spun up it without exerting much energy. The last half hour was a fire road descent. Notice #3: When you ride, prepare to be covered in bug guts by the end of your ride.. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! When we got back from our ride we sat in the little stream next to our hotel as a substitute ice bath, took showers/relaxed, and headed to Kirchzarten with Connie Carpenter to go shopping. It’s a pretty cute little town :) We cooked dinner in our apartments tonight and it turned into a delicious meal. I went for an evening stroll under the setting German sun. Life is good.

Ich liebe Duetschland!


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