If you’ve noticed, my title isn’t another crazy German word. I literally biffed a lot. Well.. Two times, but they made me so sore they count as two each. I rode the Offenburg World Cup course today, with all the USA riders. This is the most brutal course I’ve ever ridden in my entire life and I’m not making this up. It’s been ranked the 2nd most difficult course in the world next to the World Championship course in Champery, Switzerland… Go figure, the year I try to make the Worlds team is the year they decide to scare everyone shitless (sorry for the language).  The first technical section had 5 1-1.5 foot drops staggered. The second technical section had a 1.5 foot drop over a large rock that gave way to some serious woop-di-does. The third technical section was a small ledge that gave way to a 10 foot drop that was almost completely straight down. This is the first time I crashed on lap 1 of pre-ride. Not pretty. The fourth technical section was some gnarly roots that dropped off about 8 feet with some roots, but not as steep as the third section. This is the second time I crashed on lap 2 of pre-ride. So basically, I crashed on the third section on the first lap, but rode it the second and I crashed on the fourth section on the second lap, but rode it the first. Don’t ask me what’s wrong with that picture. The fifth section wasn’t too difficult, just a lot of roots. Crash number one got me a nice gooseberry on my left hip and crash number two got me a nice gooseberry on my right hip, tail bone, right shoulder, and right elbow. My hips ache. Doctor/ Mechanic Drew bandaged me up and I’ll take some Advil tonight to relieve the pain. I probably won’t be feeling any pain tomorrow during the race, especially with all that adrenaline that will be coursing through my body. Anyways! I’m going to head to bed, it’s already 9:45pm here. I’ll write about tomorrow’s race, so make sure you check it out! Hopefully it won’t be as painful as this one. Aufwiedersehen!


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