UCI World Cup: Offenburg, Germany

Today was the first time I’ve ever competed in a UCI World Cup. I’d say it was a learning experience. I can’t remember if I told you all that I hit my head both times I crashed yesterday and when I woke up this morning I had a bruise that wrapped around the back of my head. I thought I would be fine, just a little flesh wound. I was a bit off target with that assumption. The race started with 53 girls and I was in the second to last row. The start was pretty fast, but I was able to move up onto my teammate Shayna Powless’s wheel. The race dropped onto dirt and all the riders started getting very aggressive. I held my own, but once we hit the drops and the gnarly roots everyone was clipping out and falling in front of me, forcing me off the bike. I did a full lap before I started to feel a little funny in the head. By the time I got REALLY dizzy, too dizzy to bomb the crazy drops, I was in last place. It wasn’t possible for me to finish without hurting myself. I stopped on the side of the trail and the German medics came rushing up to me, tried really hard to understand what was wrong with me because they couldn’t speak good English and I can’t speak good German, made me lay down, covered me in a blanket, called for the doctor, put me on a stretcher which I told them was unnecessary but I don’t think they understood that, and rushed me to the medical tent. I sat there for a while, hydrated, and they took my blood pressure. They concluded that I didn’t have a concussion, but that it was probably better I didn’t finish the race. So, I’m a little disappointed and frustrated with myself for not finishing, but Amy Dombroski and a couple other pros told me to not worry about it. They said it’s just racing and I need to get used to these kinds of things happening. I’m taking the day off tomorrow, but I’m definitely not missing out on the chance of watching the pros go at it. I’ll post a blog tomorrow on the men’s and women’s races.


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