Bratwurst, World Cups, and Ultimate Frisbee

I’m tired from the day’s activities, so this will be a short blog. I’m feeling much better today :) We watched the pro men’s and women’s races. They. Were. So. Awesome. Julien Absalon is the definition of a beast. He moves SO FAST on a bike! We watched last year’s World Champion ride down the “World Class Drop” without a front tire!!! Like, just the rim. No one thought he would make it and when he did the crowd went CRAZY! And the girl who one the women (supposedly she’s only 20!) had a huge gap on the next rider! Gah.. These people inspire me. They really do. Did you know that in order to watch the World Cup as a spectator you have to purchase a ticket! Guess what else. They. Sold. Out. I know, freaking insane. I’m pretty sure they stop giving tickets out after like 10,000-15,000!!! I tried my first German bratwurst out on the course. The thing cost me 2.50 Euro and it was worth it! We came home to a nice BBQ. I only went for the meat and bread, no vegetables. Bad me..haha. After that we rounded up some of the juniors to play Ultimate Frisbee and Gladiator until dark. That was SO MUCH FUN. I think we’re going to make it a tradition. Anyways, it’s almost 11pm here, we’re all heading to bed so we can catch some zzzzzzz’s before riding with Heather Irmiger tomorrow! She’s going to stay a couple days with us and give us some pointers :D Stay tuned for a blog everyday!


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