The past 3 days:

I haven’t posted in a couple days and I apologize. We get back to the hotel and I’m so tired that I have no energy to write. So I’ll do a little recap.

Monday we did a fairly easy riding day with Heather Irmiger. Most of it was fire road climbing and descending. Then we found this sweet bike park up in the forest where we practiced some skills and Heather gave us a few pointers. Afterwards, we took showers and lounged around the hotel reading books and eating food. In the evening all the riders went into Kirchzarten and got the most delicious ice cream EVER. I think we’re going back again today or tomorrow… :)

Tuesday was a pretty exciting day! It turned out to be Heather’s birthday, so we sang her happy birthday at breakfast. Then we hit the trails with the guys and I have to say it’s my favorite ride so far. The beginning was a paved road that wound up this mountain and at the top was a beautiful city called St. Peter’s. We took some smooth single track trails along the ridge-line, all the way to the airplane-sounding windmills above Freiburg. There we met a really cool German downhiller (his dog would run behind him while he bombed the trails) who was nice enough to escort us down some sick trails. They were intense and super fun, with a lot of roots, drops, and loose dirt. After the ride I took a shower and laid down for a nice nap. To celebrate Heather’s birthday we took her to a pizza joint called La Piazza in Kirchzarten. I had Sicilian pizza and boy was it good. I ordered Tiramisu for desert. Was it what I thought it would be? No, of course not. It was drenched in Rum, even the cream topping. I took a couple bites and didn’t finish. Bleckkk :P Then they brought us Apertifs to help digest the food. More alcohol that I only took a couple sips of.

It rained pretty much all day yesterday. We left for our ride around 10am and rode up into the black forest. Can you say FREEZING. All 110 lbs of me was numb coming down the hill. It was so misty and dark I couldn’t even wear my glasses with low-light lenses. After the ride, Alicia and I took our laundry over to the guy’s hotel because they have a washer. We played fooseball while waiting for our clothes. I totally owned all the guys and probably will again tonight! haha.. Connie made stew for dinner and it was DELICIOUS :) Then we watched The Other Guys.

Today we did relays with the guys. They were hard, but fun. We found some sweet downhill trails with lots of roots. I’m glad I’m getting tons of practice on them because I really need some work in that area. We rode into town afterwards to the Bakery and I got a pretzel and coffee. Did you know that the average German eats 6 pretzels a day? And I’m not talking about the little ones you buy in a bag and get 80 of. I’m talking about the full on, bigger than your face pretzels. I know, pretty freaking awesome! Alicia and I went for a walk/jog for a little while. We went up this road that went into a back-valley. It. Was. Gorgeous. We were making these plans about how we wanted to live here when we’re older because everything is so simple and lovely and wonderful and absolutely amazing :) Now we’re off to eat dinner. Choos!

P.S. Happy Father’s Day Dedo!!! <3 you!

P.S.S. I hope you liked my Facebook pictures! I’ll try to keep posting more as I take them.


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