Choo Choo Trains

Our morning started with sweet bread. Alicia, Wesley, and I rode over to the guy’s hotel because the owners sell the most amazing, freshly baked sweet bread. The ride today was AMAZING. We climbed for the first hour and then descended the coolest single track trail ever. It was a combination of rocks, roots, loose dirt, Offenburg-like drops, and wet little water crossings. It’s definitely been dubbed as my favorite ride since I got here :) After our ride and some down time, we got 12 people packed in the VW van and headed to the city of Freiburg. Connie and Drew gave us 2.5 hours to do what we wanted and then we would head home. The group as a collective had no idea what they wanted to do, so Alicia and I set off shopping. There was a little market where we each got a super cute flowy skirts, a scarf, and a bag. We cruised around the city looking for a hair salon for Alicia to get her hair cut and finally made an appointment for 5 o’clock. There was only a slight problem with this, the van was leaving at 4:30pm. This was Alicia’s big day, she had wanted to get this specific hair cut for years. Tyler and I opted to stay with her and take the train back. We hung around and played Connect Four on his Android while the hairdresser worked her magic. It looks AMAZING, as I new it would :) She totally fits in with the Euro’s now (She got all her hair chopped off, but in a cute way..hehe). That took about 40 minutes. Time it took to find the right train to get on: 2 hours. Yup. I can speak a little German, but have found it doesn’t get me fair when trying to find the right train. We were told to go 4 different directions by 4 different people. The last man was the monorail conductor, who is our life saver. As we were buying our train tickets the train to Kirchzarten (Where Drew would be picking us up) left. The next train didn’t leave for another 25 minutes, so we relaxed and chatted over the day’s activities. When we got on the train, of course we’re American and everything, so we got kicked off the top level because we didn’t realize it was first class..haha. Overall it was an EPIC day and I’m happy I got to experience it :) Racing the Swiss Racer Cup on Sunday!!!


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