Great start to the year!

Off-season is coming to an end and so is my blogging hiatus. I have a few exciting things to share with you all!

I’ll be riding for Team TIBCO/To the Top again for the 2012 road and track season. I’m very excited to be part of such a great team! If everything goes well, I’ll be doing a couple of races with the pro ladies. The team training camp is happening right now in Carpinteria, CA and I’m fortunate enough to have been able to ride with the pros for almost the entire week.

I am officially a high school graduate! I don’t walk with my class until June, but homework is nonexistent! I’ve done independent study for the past 3 years, which has allowed me to finish all my required classes in time for my last season as a junior! My focus will be on training and racing until I go off to college in the fall.

And my last VERY exciting piece of news is that I have been invited to race in Europe for the elite national team!!! I’ll be leaving February 21st (less than 2 weeks away) and coming home on March 19th, so about a month of travel. My first stop is in Belgium where I will be racing in Nieuwsblad (Het Volk) on 2/25, Samyn Les Dames on 2/29, and Het Hageland on 3/4. I have a week of down time in Belgium before heading to Italy where I will be racing in Citta Padova on 3/17 and Costa Etrusca on 3/18. I’m very thankful to USAC for giving me this opportunity and am excited to see how I hold up against the Euros! Three pro TIBCO riders will be on the same trip: Amanda Miller, Megan Guarnier, and Samantha Schneider. Filling out the rest of the USA roster will be Robin Farina, Andrea Dvorak, and Jackie Crowell. I’m going to discipline myself to get a blog out every couple of days on my month-long trip, so stay tuned for updates! Thanks for reading!


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